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The Jazz Club Trio's aim powerful play by three people who found themselves under the same interest: to have fun with music. Paolo Evangelista and Leonardo Cappelli came from a long participation in a jazz band made up of seven elements, while Gino Mancini came from an important experience in the blues.

What they intend to do is have fun and have fun creating music at times soft and background, at times compelling and engaging.

Swing, bossa nova and blues are their instrument and their natural environment. But also like the French chanson, boogie, soul.

Their music is suitable for all occasions and in all environments. Their repertoire consists mainly melodic jazz that includes songs known to all and easily recognizable.

Of course the trio can perform repertoire for jazz lovers pure.



Pianist and keyboardist, he graduated from the Conservatory "A. Casella" L'Aquila in 1981 under the guidance of prof. Sergio Calligaris.

It develops an intense concert activity in the field of classical music since graduated with regional and extraregional musical associations. In 1984 he worked as a pianist on tour of the theater company of Luigi Proietti all over the country and in Europe.

While he born like classical musician, has passion for the swing and approaches the study of expressions jazz since his first approaches to the piano, playing in clubs at Rome and in Abruzzo, with formations of jazz, bossa nova ...

He performs successfully in pianobar for its natural predisposition to direct contact with the public. It is part of Sorrentino Jazz Band since its debut and for over ten years.



Doctor by profession, he started playing electric bass at sixteen. It is part of various rock bands of the time, but is continually within the group I Pronipoti. Moved to Rome to study in 1975, he participates in concerts with impromptu street musicians and with mixed groups of capital. The real breakthrough performing it in 2004 thanks to a meeting with the teacher Dante Sorrentino which begins with the study of harmony. The happy reunion with Master Marco Di Natale allows the passage, always desired, to his favorite instrument: the doublebass. Join the Dante Sorrentino Jazz Band since its debut in 2004, but thanks to the Area Sonora music school he adheres concurrently with other jazz groups, including in jam sessions. He founded the Jazz Club Trio as ideal environment for improvisation and like an overcome of the execution only.



Passionate battery since young age, he shows great insight and rhythmic that led him to play in various rock bands in the seventies. Among the main founders of Gli Antenati, musical group very well known at the time, he played in many concerts throughout Italy taking part in the tour group. He recorded several albums in the eighties. He expresses his passion for the blues with groups Akab and Blueseven with whom he plays for several years. He meets jazz, and he now plays it flawlessly, for the first time with the Jazz Club Trio.


We look forward to our shows!